Valentin O. Mikhailov

Head of “The Laboratory of comprehensive geodynamic interpretation of the surface and satellite data” of IPE RAS. Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. Specialist in geodynamics, numerical modelling, interpretation of gravity and magnetic anomalies. Also works on interpretation of satellite gravity data, including temporal its variations and on SAR interferometry.

Since 1994 lectures the course of “Geodynamics” at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and since 2004 lectures the course of “Satellite geodesy and gravimetry”. Professor in the Department of Geophysics of Faculty of Physics (half-time position). Head of the Scientific-Educational Center of IPE-MSU. Since 2000 is a visiting professor at Institut de physique du Glob de Paris, France.

In 1971 graduated with honors from the Department of geophysical methods of mineral prospecting, Geological Faculty of MSU, specialized in the gravity and magnetic field interpretation.

After graduation from MSU jointed the Department of mathematical methods in geology of the All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute (VNIGNI), worked on experimental data processing, computer structural imaging, estimation of oil and gas content in reserves. Started working on modelling the sedimentary structure formation.

In 1976 was appointed a senior research assistant (SRA) in the Department of Mechanics of natural processes at the Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov MSU. In 1978 defended Ph.D. thesis in IPE and in the same year was chosen for SRA in the lab. of Comprehensive interpretation of geophysical data of IPE RAS.

Carried out works on separation of gravity anomalies associated with sources at different depth, developed of methods of quantitative interpretation of marine magnetic anomalies, built geodynamic models of formation of passive continental margins, intraplate sedimentary basins, oceanic rift zones, developed the theory and methods of solving the problem of paleotectonic analysis. The built geodynamic models served as a basis for the development of the theory and methods of complex interpretation of any geological and geophysical data. These works were summarized in the thesis for a degree of Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.) (“Dynamic models of lithosphere structures in interpretation of geological and geophysical data”, IPE 1989).

Head of several Russian and international projects (the Soros Foundation, RFBR, INTAS, RSF, etc.), member of several international working groups, member of the AGU, published more than 130 scientific papers. For series of works on modeling of geodynamical processes in 1999 was awarded the first prize of G.A. Gamburtsev.

List of publications of Valentin Mikhailov

Papers in International Journals and Russian Journals Translated into English published in XXI century

Mikhailov, V.O., Diament, M., Lyubushin, A.A. Timoshkina E. P., Khairetdinov S.A. Large-scale aseismic creep in the areas of the strong earthquakes revealed from the GRACE data on the time variations of the Earth’s gravity field Izv., Phys. Solid Earth (2016) 52: 692. doi:10.1134/S1069351316040054

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