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Return visit of IPE RAS scientists to Beijing

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Invited by Prof. Jieyuan Ning, Head of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics (ITAG) of the School of Earth and Space Sciences of Peking University (SESS PKU), the IPE RAS delegation took part in the Third Peking University Geophysics Symposium for Young Scientists on August 8 – 12, 2019. The delegation included Deputy Director of IPE RAS PhD. Vladimir Kamzolkin, Head of Laboratory of Seismic Hazard (302) IPE RAS and National Representative of Russia in the European Seismological Commission Dr. Alexey Zavyalov, PhD. Ruslan Zhostkov and PhD. Stanislav Ivanov. It was the first visit in the frame of the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the IPE RAS and SESS PKU, signed in October 2018. The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics of SESS PKU was founded in 2001. It predecessor, the PKU Solid Earth Geophysics, was established in 1956 as the first geophysical group in China.


Arriving in Beijing the delegation just immediately received an invitation by the Director of the Institute of Earthquake Forecasting, China Earthquake Administration (IEF CEA) Prof. Zhongliang Wu to speak at IEF CEA workshop on August 8. Since the organizers of the Symposium left this day free for our scientists, the invitation was accepted, because of IPE RAS – IEF CEA Memorandum of understanding was also signed in October last year, and so it was the first visit in frame of this MOU. Walking around the Peking University campus, sightseeing in the Summer Palace and the Imperial Park had a positive impact on our colleagues’ acclimatization.


It was decided that we should have presented the talks fitted with the Symposium for Young Scientists at the IEF CEA workshop. For the young members of the delegation it would be a good training before the Symposium. All our representatives went dignity through challenges. The presentations on August 8 were excellent.


After the workshop Professor Zhongliang Wu organized a tour of the number of departments of IEF CEA.


Leading Chinese scientists spoke about their research related to the prognostic test site in the Sichuan-Yunnan provinces and showed the hall for analyzing the operative seismological information and the laboratory engaged in aero & space survey of earthquake areas (including UAVs use), and involved in working activity with a space satellite for electromagnetic research. It was nice to see on the IEF CEA corridors walls the photos from the MOU signing ceremony where the delegation members Dr. Alexey Zavyalov and PhD. Vladimir Kamzolkin represented the IPE RAS interests last year.


The next year will be the second year of the Chinese prognostic test sites research program announcement and IEF CEA intends to organize a conference on the first work results. Professor Wu invited the IPE RAS scientists to participate in this event.


On the morning of August 9 the Third Peking University Geophysics Symposium for Young Scientists was opened. The announced program was quite intense for two days. It contained about two dozen talks. It appeared during the Symposium that the vast majority of talks were presented in Chinese, but the presentation slides were in English. Nevertheless, the main ideas of the speakers managed to grasp and to take part in discussions. The level of the Symposium talks significantly exceeded the typical level of the conference for young scientists. The talks of the first day were devoted to the revision of the velocity profile of the Earth, the new methods of calculating the properties of the material at high PT conditions, the models of cooling of the Earth's core, the magnetometric system MAG-01, mapping of the mantle flows. The second day talks were devoted to the application of neural networks to highlight the arrival of P and S waves, regional study of Taiwan and the Great Oxygenation Event.


The latest Symposium talks presented by our young colleagues "Amplitude passive seismic survey methods" (PhD. Ruslan Zhostkov) and "Improving positioning of unmanned aerial vehicle for geophysical application" (PhD. Stanislav Ivanov) met common interest. Both of our scientists were asked a lot of questions, and they demonstrated the subject knowledge as well as the confident skills of scientific discussion in English.


Lectures "Kinetic theory of solids strength and concentration criterion of destruction in forecasting natural and man-made disasters" by Dr. Alexey Zavyalov and "Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Blyb metamorphic complex of the Fore Range of the Greater Caucasus" PhD. Vladimir Kamzolkin were read at the special seminar in ITAG on August 11, that was conducted by Prof. Yanbin Wang, our great friend since last year, who had done a lot for the MOU preparation and signing.


The participants of the Russian delegation are grateful to the Chinese side for the warm welcome and friendly attitude.




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