08/27/2018 13:35

Professor Yanbin Wang from the Peking University visited IPE RAS

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On August 13-25, 2018 Professor Yanbin Wang from the Department of Geophysics of the Peking University (Beijing, P.R. China) visited IPE RAS. Prof. Wang toured several laboratories of the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences and discussed opportunities for cooperation with Russian colleagues in the field of seismic wave propagation modeling and seismic ground motion.

Professor Wang is a specialist in numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in heterogeneous Earth models and on the global scale. His research interests also include strong ground motion, seismic waveform inversion, and seismic wave propagation modeling in the Moon.

Prof. Wang presented two reports on his research topic: “Understanding Seismic Wave Propagation of Laterally Heterogeneous Moon Models with Numerical Modelling” and “Regional Seismic Wave Propagation and Ground Motion Amplification in Qaidam Basin, China”.

During the visit, principal researcher of Laboratory of the Origin, Internal Structure, and Dynamics of the Earth and Planets (Lab 102) Dr. Lev Vinnik discussed with Prof. Wang the study of the Earth’s lithosphere and mantle structure using seismic data.

Then principal researcher of the Laboratory of Regional Geophysics and Natural Disasters (Lab 303), Dr. Olga Pavlenko presented her study on soil behavior in strong ground motion and discussed processing seismic data methods.

Head of Laboratory of Seismic Hazard (Lab 302), Dr. Alexey Zavyalov presented a report on possible effects of round-the-world surface seismic waves in the dynamics of repeated shocks after strong earthquakes.

Head of Center for Petrophysical and Geomechanical Research (CPGR IPE RAS) Ilya Fokin demonstrated experimental methods for determining physical and mechanical properties of rocks under simulated reservoir conditions. Elastic and stress-related characteristics of granitic rock sample were measured as a result of multi-stage testing.

At the Laboratory of Strong Earthquakes and Seismometry Prof. Wang gave a presentation about his study on modeling wave fields of strong earthquakes sources. Dr. Vera Bykova presented laboratory investigation on seismic hazard assessment of critical facilities. Soil condition influence correction of seismic impact assessment interested Prof. Wang especially.

Preliminary agreements on further cooperation were reached at the end of the visit. The prospects of cooperation are expected to be discussed in October, 2018 during the visit of Deputy Director Vladimir Kamzolkin and Head of Lab 302 Alexey Zavyalov to the Peking University.


Professor Yanbin Wang from the Peking University visited IPE RAS (in russian)