10/05/2017 10:07

Giorgos Papageorgiou: Pressure varying CO2 distribution and its effect on ultrasonic velocities of synthetic sandstones

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13 октября 2017 г. в 18:30 на заседании Общемосковского семинара по физике осадочных горных пород и резервуаров (Moscow Rock Physic Seminar) в конференц-зале ИФЗ РАН состоится доклад сотрудника Эдинбургского Университета (г. Эдинбург, Великобритания) Giorgos Papageorgiou

"Pressure varying CO2 distribution and its effect on ultrasonic velocities of synthetic sandstones"

Bio of Giorgos Papageorgiou

Giorgos Papageorgiou has a master’s degree in theoretical physics from Imperial College and a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Heriot-Watt University. He became interested in geophysics in 2011 where he worked as a postdoctoral researcher on AVO classification of subglacial sediments and its potential to determine the ice-bed boundary condition. The next three years he worked on rock physics modelling of partially saturated CO2 sands as a postdoctoral research associate within the DiSECCS project, offered by the engineering and physical sciences research council, UK. He currently shares his time between Trondheim and Edinburgh where he is a postdoctoral fellow in anisotropic, partially saturated thin layer effects in seismic wave propagation working with Alexey Stovas and Mark Chapman in a project funded by the Norwegian research council. His interest span poro/visco-elasticity, theoretical rock physics, rock-physics based inversion, fluid substitution and wave propagation in layered media.


In this talk I will discuss some recent modelling work on data obtained under a novel experiment. In this experiment, three synthetic sandstones –manufactured using a common method but having different porosities– were saturated with brine and progressively flooded with CO2 under constant confining stress. The fluid pressure was varied around the critical pressure of CO2 and repeated measurements were made of resistivity, in order to assess the saturation, and elastic wave velocity during the flood. The measured saturated bulk moduli were higher than those predicted by the Gassmann-Wood theory, but were consistent with behaviour described by a recently derived poroelastic model which combines “patch” and “squirt” effects. Measurements on two of the samples followed a patch-based model while those on the highest porosity sample showed evidence of squirt-flow behaviour. Our analysis suggests that the appropriate fluid mixing law is pressure dependent, which is consistent with the notion that the effective patch size decreases as fluid pressure is increased. We derive simple empirical models for the patch dependence from fluid pressure which may be used in seismic modelling and interpretation exercises relevant to monitoring of CO2 injection.

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