Sim Lidia Andreevna

Leader scientist


Higher. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Geological faculty, dynamical geology department, 1960 – 1966. The teachers were: professor G.P. Gorshkov,.academician AS USSR V.I. Smirnov, member-correspondents AS USSR V.V. Belousov and V.E. Hain (later – academician), A.A. Bogdanov – author and editor of a number of the World and Europe tectonic maps, M.V. Gzovsky and other famous scientists.

Defence of theses

In 1980 defended candidate’s thesis «The exposure of modern liven up fault in the condition of poor uncovering regions (on pattern of Mezen syneclise and Middle Timan junction zone)»

In december 1996 defended doctoral thesis «Neotectonical stresses of East-European platform and framing structures» (the degree of doctor of sciences from 1997).

Professional advance

After graduating at MSU (1966 was accepted for employment by distribution in VNIGNI at the ladoratory of mathematical methods together with which was transfer on work in GIN RAS in 1967.

1971 went to work at MSU at the dynamical geology department of the Geological faculty on position engineer.

1979 – transferred on position younger scientist.

In 1987 – transferred on position scientist,

In 1988 – transferred on position senior scientist Certificate of the senior scientist obtained 17.01.1990.

From 2003 – master scientist. From 1976 to 1989 was responsible executor of contractual works invarianle customer was trust “Airgeology”. All these years she participated in field researches at the European North of the USSR (Timan, Mezen syneclise, north parts of Ural, Kanin and Kola peninsulas, Karelia); these works results became a base of candidate and doctoral theses.

From 2007 – master scientist of laboratory of tectonophysics O.Ju. Schmidt IPE RAS.

From 1993 – member of division «Experimental tectonics and structure geology» of the Interagency Tectonic Committee RAS.

From 2013 – member of tectonophysical division of the Council on Tectonics and Geodynamics on BSE RAS.

Main direction of scientific research

Specialist in tectonic stresses on Eurasia platforms, northern parts of Ural, neotectonics fractured tectonics, author of structure-geomorphological method of shear tectonic stresses reconstructions. Most significant contribution in geodynamics is demarcation of global tectonic processes influence in Europe platforms framing structures on the tectonic stresses distribution on platforms.

The significant contribution was made in the development of usage tectonic stresses reconstruction in the solution of applied problems. These problems are definition of tectonophysical criteria of forecast of hydrothermal and hydrothermal-metasomatic genesis minerals and hydrocarbon feedstock concentration, civil construction stability (extraction of active fault on NPP designation, oil-pipeline, identification cause of frequent accidents on the definite parts of railway, dangerous development karstic processes in town Dzerginsk and so on).