Pavlenkova Ninel Ivanovna

Principal scientist


Graduated at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Geological faculty, methods of geophysical prospecting department in 1951.

Defence of theses

In 1961 at MSU defended candidate’s thesis. Award a degree candidate physical-mathematical sciences (PhD).

In 1974 defended doctoral thesis "Waves fields and models of continental earth crust", Award a degree doctor physical-mathematical sciences (DPhil) at IPE RAS.

Professional advance

After graduating at MSU was send in West Siberia in prospecting enterprise MinGeo USSR. Worked there 10 years, firstly applied in gravity prospecting, next seismic prospecting. In this period finished MSU postgraduate study by correspondence.

In 1962 crossed to regular work in Kiev and began to work at Geophysical Institute AS USSR, where worked for more than 10 years, applied in deep seismic sounding.

In 1974 was transferred to work at IPE RAS by competition on position senior scientist.

From 1986 – master scientist IPE RAS.

From 1999 to present – principle scientist IPE RAS.

Main direction of scientific research

N.I.Pavlencova main field of research is study of earth crust and upper mantle structure by deep seismic sounding (DSS). She took participation in many experimental works DSS, carry out on territory of former USSR, and now does generalization and reinterpretation this material by modern methods. So, it was collected and processed old profiles in the region of Sea of Okhotsk, Caucasus, Timano-Pechora region. But main volume of work was reinterpretation material of so-called long profiles (backbone MinGeo USSR), executed with using of nuclear blast. This unique material for all profiles was processed by single method, based on mathematical modeling, and in results was produced velocity profile of earth crust, upper mantle and zone of transition to lower mantle to 700 km depth. On its base the three-dimensional model of upper mantle for North Eurasia was constructed. These constructions show a number of new features of upper mantle structure, indicative of change of mechanical properties of substance and its petrology heterogeneity.

In the last time N.I.Pavlenkova concerns also with problems of global tectogenesis. She suggests the rotation-fluid model of Earth upper shell structure forming, based on fluid advection (Earth decontamination), its expansion and differential rotation of separate sphere. On these themes N.I.Pavlenkova active collaborates with foreign scientists. She is a member of editorial board of international journal «New conceptions of global tectonics»

Pavlenkova N.I. active collaborates also with a number of enterprises: with VSEGEI in generalization of seismic data on earth crust structure of Russia territory; with «Sevmorgeo» on processing new materials DSS for Arctica; with Ukrainian Institute of geophysics NAS on development of methods of seismic records processing and on seismic-density modeling of earth crust and upper mantle structure on long profiles.