Pavlenkova Galina Aleksandrovna

Senior scientist


Graduated at Moscow State Institute of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Department «applied mathematics» specialty engineer-mathematic in 1980.

Defence of theses

In 2000 defended a candidate’s thesis «Seismic models of earth crust and upper mantle of some large geo-structures of Russia» in IPE RAS. Award a degree candidate physical-mathematical sciences (PhD).

Professional advance

After graduating worked engineer-programmer in MIIT computer center.

In 1986 enter in absence postgraduate course IPE RAS and was contract labor IPE RAS.

From 1995 to 2000 worked geophysicist in Center of regional geophysical and geo-ecological research «GEON» ROSCOMNEDRA.

From 2000 she works in IPE RAS on position senior scientist.

Main direction of scientific research

Main direction of her scientific research is methods of computer processing and interpretation materials of deep seismic sounding (DSS) and producing of earth crust and upper mantle models. The last five years employed processing seismic research data for different regions of Russia: particularly, on new methodical base with using mathematical modeling, she reprocessed DSS data on two profile, crossed Caucasus. As result new important details of upper mantle structure, allowed to improve geodynamical history of Caucasus orogene forming, was obtained. In addition processed seismic data, including taking into account Earth’s sphericity, on so called super-long profiles (backbone MinGeo USSR), obtained with using nuclear blast with total length 20000 km. As result improved two-dimensional models, elucidating Siberian upper mantle structure, was produced. This unique material for all profiles was processed by single method, based on mathematical modeling, and in results was produced velocity profile of earth crust, upper mantle and zone of transition to lower mantle to 700 km depth. On its base the three-dimensional model of upper mantle for North Eurasia was constructed.

Collaborates with Institute of geophysics NAS (Kiev) on the development of seismic record processing technique and on seismic-density modeling of earth crust and upper mantle structure on long profiles.