Marinin Anton Vitalievich

Senior scientist


Graduated at Moscow State University (MSU), Geological Department in 1996 specialty «geological survey and prospecting mineral deposit».

In 1996 entered MA course of Moscow University Geological Faculty, and in 1997 got certificate of master in geology (geotectonics).

From 1997 to 2001 trained postgraduate course at department of regional geology and history of Earth, Geological Faculty MSU.

Defence of theses

In 2003 defended candidate’s thesis. Award a degree candidate geological-mineralogical sciences.

Professional advance

2001 – 2003 engineer IPE RAS.

2003 - 2007 - scientist IPE RAS.

2007 – present – senior scientist IPE RAS

Main direction of scientific research

Study paleo-stresses on the base of analysis of tectonical fracturing, rupturing and folded deformation of different levels. By results of research he defined more precisely geokinematic and tectonodynamic condition of late-Alpine structure North-western Caucasus forming. Was determined structure and geological discrepancies between large segments of the region.

At present he also operates field works at North Tien-Shan (in the frame of projects RFBR) and on Cola peninsula (contractual work). Marinin A.V. organizes the field geological works at Caucasus, as chief of tectonophysical crew IPE RAS.

Marinin A.V. is author and co-author of 75 publications. He often participates in scientific meeting and conferences (2-3 in a year), presented on it oral and poster presentations.

In 2009 – 2013 Marinin A.V. was scientific secretary of All-Russian tectonophysical conference and three youth tectonophysical school-seminars, pursued at IPE RAS.

Over a period from 2008 to 2014 Marinin A.V. had ten publications in reviewed journals, one of which is foreign (Comptes Rendus Geoscience), he is a participant of scientific monograph and two scientific reports.