Grushinsky Andrey Nikolaevich

Senior scientist.


Graduated at Moscow State University in 1969 (Physical faculty, Theoretical physics department).

Defence of theses

In 1998 defended candidate’s thesis “Deep structure and isostastatic condition of Antarctica”. Candidate (PhD) of physical-mathematical sciences.

Professional advance

After the finishing of Physics department of MSU worked at RINP MSU, from 1972 to 1978 worked in Radiotechnical Institute AS USSR.

From 1978 works in IPE RAS, firstly at the laboratory of gravimetry (Yu.D. Boulanger) in the group of V.B. Dubovskoy, in 1983-84 took part in the oceanological expedition on r/v “Dmitriy Mendeleev” in the staff of gravimetric crew (leader V.A. Tulin).

From 1985 worked in the laboratory of M.E. Artemiev.

From 1993 to 2013 worked in the laboratory of Interpretation of geopotential field, to 2001 as young scientist.

From 2001 he works on position of senior researcher.

From 2014 worked in the laboratory of fundamental and applied problems of tectonophysics.

Main direction of scientific research

Main direction of his scientific research is estimation of lithospheric isostatic condition, modeling of lithosphere on the base of geophysical data. Pay principal attention polar region of Earth (Antarctica, Greenland).