Laboratory of fundamental and applied problems of tectonophysics (204)

Head of laboratory - doctor of physico-mathematical sciences Rebetsky Yuriy Leonidovich


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Laboratory of tectonophysics established in 1965 by Mikhail Vladimirovich Gzovsky (1919-1971). From 1971 to 1988 head of laboratory was candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Dariana Nicolaevna Osokina, and from 1988 laboratory is leading by doctor of physico-mathematical sciences Yuriy Leonidovich Rebetsky.

Main direction of research:

Study of deformation processes and non-uniformly scaled structures of earth crust on the base of method of field, experimental and theoretical tectonophysics.

Staff of laboratory enters into cooperation with scientists from CIS, Siberian and Far Eastern branches of RAS. Laboratory cooperates with number of research centers of Europe, USA and Asia.


The virtual laboratory on tectonophysical analysis of modern and paleostresses
The common Moscow tectonophysical seminar
Tectonophysical conferencies
The youth tectonophysical school-seminars



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