Приспособление для проведения Бразильского теста RIT-B

Приспособление для проведения Бразильского теста RIT-B

1.1 RIT-B Features Available sizes for specimen diameter from 50 mm to 150 mm (Note that ISRM recommends that the diameter shall not be less than NX core – 54-mm diameter). Made of hardened stainless steel. Can be used with GCTS unconfined, triaxial and point load tester frames. Very easy to set up and use.

1.2 RIT-B System Information

The GCTS IDT-B Rock Apparatus is used for determining indirect tensile strength by the Brazil test according to the International Society for Rock Mechanics and ASTM D3967 standards. The device consists of an upper and lower support ring machined with a low weight, high strength design. The Indirect Tension Apparatus is available in standard sizes and also in custom sizes.

1.3 RIT-B General Description

The RIT-B device has been designed in accordance with ASTM D3967. This device is intended to be used with a compression load frame in order to apply a compressive force. This is a simple and inexpensive method in comparison to determining the direct uniaxial tensile test.


ASTM D3967